Sage BusinessWorks

Sage BusinessWorks Accounting combines robust features and high-level performance to give growing businesses the power to increase profitability. By simplifying and streamlining key business functions, as well as daily business activities, the fully integrated modules grow with you to give you access to critical business management information for informed business decisions.

Increase Profitability Through Greater Efficiency
The award-winning Sage BusinessWorks solution simplifies and streamlines key business functions, as well as daily business activities. Make the most informed business decisions possible, thanks to an instant link to critical, up-to-the-minute accounting information.

Moving from task to task is easy, and you can access data with a simple keystroke or mouse click. The flexibility and comprehensive functionality of Sage BusinessWorks affords possibilities that were previously unattainable for small businesses.

  • Because Sage BusinessWorks is a real-time system, account balances and cash management reports are always accurate.
  • Beat your competitors to the punch by getting your quote in front of prospects right away. Sending forms by e-mail such as quotes, invoices, and purchase orders saves money, shortens the sales cycle, and helps you close more business.